THE BEST jewelry polishing cloth

THE BEST jewelry polishing cloth


Materials: treated cloth

Silver is our thing here at Vent. This is by far Karlea's favorite way to clean jewelry.

These soft microfiber cloths are perfect for buffing the surface of diamonds, gems, gold, silver, platinum, and fashion jewelry to easily remove fingerprints, oils, moisture, and more. The treated cloths contain tarnish-fighting and inhibiting ingredients that safely and effectively polish the surface of gold, silver, and platinum jewelry.

It is not recommended to use on thin-plated jewelry. Also, most jewelry looks great with some oxidation in the detail work. Start by buffing only on the high-points of the piece, then see how deep you wanna go.

The cloth is 8"x8" and contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Made in the USA. Usable on both sides, and overtime, will turn completely black from removing tarnish. Then buy a new one!! 

DO NOT WASH, as this removes all the magic from the cloth, just throw away. Karlea is also OCD and likes to keep hers in a zip-lock bag to lock in the goodness.


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